Tuesday, October 6, 2009

iPhose App - 'Pocket MBA' Educational applet for iPhones/iTouch

Itune Link --> itms://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=313338528&partnerId=30&siteID=K_KDWsoKusQ-w59vm8Rgr9aDVxo_I7Jylw&ign-mscache=1  [Source:http://forums.slickdeals.net/showthread.php?threadid=1590791]

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fw: Free Books!!!

     I have came across this link which has a list of over a hundred books that are all being distributed for free. Please pass this along to our McNair scholars and anyone else who may be interested.

News Article Source --> http://www2.tbo.com/content/2009/sep/24/state-college-students-getting-more-free-textbooks/life-education/

Listing with .pdf links of all books --> http://www.theorangegrove.org/OpenTextbooks/OpenTextbooksBySubject09SEP09.pdf

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fw: GMAT Iphone/Itouch App FREE INFO

        Here's a link to a free Iphone GMAT application. The link provides the information and download link.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Don't buy software! Get bug-free software (freeware) I promise!!!

Hello everyone, I have been slacking on my posts to this blog. I want to ensure everyone that my intent is to truly help those out there that need to save money. My whole philosophy, to-date, is to spend nothing if I can and never buy anything if I don't have to. This brings me to computer software. This can be controversial and confusing to many. Let me break it down to everyone here. There a two basic ways to not pay for software: First, there's illegal ways to acquire and use software. And then there are legitimate ways. I will only discuss the legitimate and legal ways. I will be giving you valuable tools to help you save a lot of *dough* (a.k.a. money) and, in my opinion, keeping you from wasting the money too.

There's one website I swear by. This website is called Softpedia.com - http://www.softpedia.com. They have all kinds of programs. For either Mac or PC, and for any OS too. You can specify your search to filter out Shareware, Trials, and Adware.

I want anyone that is interested in using a program for some time, and is determined to not spend any money on software to filter licenses only by either/all of these options "GPL" and "Freeware" on Softpedia.com. I urge anyone that wants an better explanation to go here --> http://www.softpedia.com/user/licensing_free.shtml

Ok. So I at least gave you one good source and for me it has worked. I really only go to that website when I need a certain program. Like the other day I wanted a program to convert my .AVI file to split .JPEG frames. I did a search on "AVI", then I chose "Freeware" from the options under licensing in the search options.

Other must have programs/software everyone should have.

A Good AntiVirus Program: "Avira AntiVir"
This program is absolutely free and ad free. It is one of the top-three AV programs out there that gets 99% of all viruses. Adding a spyware program and firewall will cover that other .99% (*Look at the following paragraphs for my recommendations). There isn't a AV or Spyware out there that any virus maker couldn't defeat. That's why I say .99%. Way better than buying Norton or McAfee. These programs actually are around tenth place usually and don't provide as quality protection as everyone thinks. Plus, there way to complex and resource intensive (which means it will slow your computer down!).

A Good Spyware Program: "SpyBot Search & Destroy"
This program, again, is absolutely free!!! What it will do is immunize your system from future invasive adware and "spyware" (programs that actually run in the background of your system whenever you go online and install programs such as AIM, Yahoo IM, and many other programs.... all of these programs identify your interests and habits to help websites choose which ads are best targetted to you. Something you don't want.). This program also prevents pop-ups. And works a lot like Vista, which whenever a new program gets installed or registry values get changed should ask you whether you want to install or not. A great idea which tells you if you haven't chosen to install an program, and a SpyBot message pops up, it's either an update (which is ok) or spyware/adware (which is not ok).

A Good Firewall Program: "Comodo Firewall"
This is a firewall. Many like keeping it simple and using windows firewall, however, if you are like most people out there then all your services are running in the background which are like "open house invitations" for hackers. If anyone is interested please do a search on either to "better secure my Windows OS" or "disabling unused windows services for security" or "windows os vulnerabities". And then should be able to see what I am talking about.
I like Comodo, first of all because it is FREE. And second, because it's rated with the top paid-for firewall programs; such as BitDefender (which was the top firewall and not sure if it still is ...but was always really good!)
It can be set for beginners, which learns your system settings overtime. If anyone has problems with this firewall it's easy to disable it to troubleshoot if the firewall is the cause of the interruption of your internet connection too! And I can assure everyone it works without any compatibility issues with the spyware and av programs I have mentioned above. Well, at least on Windows Vista home anyways.

The three programs above, are like the "holy trinity" of must-have programs for internet surfing now a days. Considering one single website could possibly have 1000s of viruses/spyware/adware waiting to infect any computer that visits.
All of these programs can be found as "Freeware" on Softpedia.com.

Other programs that I recommend checking out are listed below (Direct links provided!):

OpenOffice.org - http://www.openoffice.org/
This is a more-than-suitable replacement for Windows Office. Not only is it compatible with MSOffice, but it's also cross-compatible with all other database and word programs out there. I would recommend trashing MS Office and just use this. Uses less system resources and way less complicated.

Mozilla FireFox 3 (Web-browser) - http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/
This is a web-browser you can use instead of Windows Internet Explorer. In my experience it's much more adaptable to any individuals needs. You can make it your own with all the add-ons that can be installed. Although Windows IE has become much better surfing and security wise, FireFox has no doubt kept at least one step ahead of MS IE. I would recommend this program to anyone and I feel most would love all the different add-ons available for this browser too.

WinAmp.com (Music player) - http://www.winamp.com/
This program is an easy-to-use media player. It can play a variety of media file types, along with more with installation of add-ons. I love it. It is fast, small, adaptable, multi-use, and much more compatible to other forms of media types. I'd recommend this program for mp3s and similar music files. *For video files, see next paragraph.

VLC Player - AWESOME Video Player that plays anything that is or was a video file!!!
Just check it out. I remember I had an ISO video file once. I was supposed to burn it to disc, but after discovering the VLC Player could play it I haven't wasted a single DVD since. It's great. And never let me down. It has played everything I have tried so far with it.

20 Jun 2009 - More Added

GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program - A Free Adobe photoshop alternative. Not to be confused as an Adobe product! This program has all the functions of photoshop and it's free. This program rocks! I have since stopped using photoshop and started using this program because I don't have to pay for add-ons and so many users make add-ons on a regular basis there's no need to worry that the functionality of this program will be limited. If you like programs like Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro, then try GIMP.

Here's 3 FREE programs for web-design I have found through an recent issue of "Website Magazine" KompoZer, Bluefish, and Quanta Plus. All are said to be suitable replacements for the Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 software. I haven't taken a try just yet at these programs. But I intend to go forward with some of my website ideas in the future and I'll be sure to give these programs a try first. If anyone gives one of these programs a try please let me know how you like any of them.

Openfire + Spark; these programs must be used in conjunction. Both of these programs are stated as a suitable replacement of Inbit Corporate Messenger Server. These programs allow you to run a cross-platform instant message server.

FileZilla- A free FTP client.

Rank Checker- An SEO tool to help determine your web ranking. Everyone that has a website uses SEO and other available means to get traffic.

GnuCash - Free accounting software It's a suitable replacement for Microsoft's MoneyPlus. I am downloading this software and going to try it out. I used to like Intuits Quickbooks until they started charging for accessing your online bank statements. Try it out and let me know how you like it.

Here's a ggggrreattt!! website to find Free alternatives to the paying software all of us felt we were felt forced to have. Go here OSALT.com - http://www.osalt.com. Check it out, it's a must for anyone who wishes to save money on software.

I wish these above recommendations not only saves all of you money, but also saves you further trouble, and gives you an idea that you never have to settle with what a supposed computer-professional suggests you buy when you always have the option to find a suitable substitute program that will do the same thing. And just as another example, you don't have to fork out $100 for Windows OS, just go to Debian GNU/Linux - http://www.debian.org/ (This is an alternative free OS available to all; for any computer application there's an option with this OS.).


P.S. Any questions or comments? Just comment and I'll get back with you as soon as I can.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Purchased 3 pairs of Eyeglasses from ZenniOptical.com today (28 Mar 2009) .....

Hello everyone,
So I have finally decided to purchase some new glasses after last week I slept on my good pair and broke them. I purchased 3 pairs for a total of $46.80.

From what others say in the forums, ZenniOptical doesn't have really any customer service(they are a$!holes in the customer service dept.) However, I never came across any forum that after the customers received their eyeglasses, they had any problems or complaints. And all usually agree the quality of their eyeglasses are above even the more expensive brands that will cost 3 times as much(very easily).

I'll see what happens when I get the pairs I have ordered. To see the frames I have picked out, look up these SKUs: 33962, 2279 (Had these tinted for total cost of $17.90, will be nice to have some sun glasses that I actually can drive in), and 31572.


3 May 2009 - Concluding thoughts of ZenniOptical ...
I received my 3 pairs of glasses close to 3 weeks after I ordered them. I received a DHL padded envelope with an address originating from Shanghai China .....before my order was actually processed and eyeglasses made, I received a few emails from ZenniOptical letting me know that I made an error in entering my prescription and that because my OD wasn't right for one pair of eyeglasses recommended I should try another frame ...which I ended up using. Because the other frame I chose cost less than my previous order they reimbursed me the difference I was owed in a matter of days. From what I can tell of the frames and lenses I have received, they are of good quality and, especially, look good. My sunglasses came out looking like they cost much more than $15, and my everyday glasses are those special bendable frames that I have "literally" wrapped around my finger. I'll post photos of each of my frames soon... Overall, I recommend everybody that wants good and cheap prescription eyeglasses (that look just as good as those $200.00 bought from eyeglass retailers) to go and try ZenniOptical.com

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Deal Resources Online

Here's a list of websites I have came across that helps with saving a lot of money and time:

FatWallet.com -
If you register you can opt-in to receive e-mails for recent deals. Found a lot of good deals this way and don't have to check up on the website all the time.

Slickdeals.net -
Go to "Forums" and then "Hot Deals" for the latest deals. Update everyday, usually every couple of hours there's a new deal. If you register you can put in keywords and be notified by email whenever there's something relating to the keyword.

Amazon Deal Finder - A list of direct links from 10% off to 90% off of items on sale at Amazon.com. Categorized.

CheapAssGamer.com - A good website to find deals. Not only for video games but also for sweepstakes, free things, and free money. I cashed in because of this website when Coca-Cola had their big instant sweepstakes during the Olympics. Made $400 worth of GC's.

UPromise.com - A good website for students (College to Pre-K)and parents or friends of students. Basically, if you register your cards (store,CC,Debit) you'll earn credits which can be used to save for college or help pay for everyday things for the student. Go to Upromise and see what it is about. 100% legitimate.

FastWeb.com - I am relatively new to this website. But I believe it's the best for the latest information of scholarships. I get notified whenever there's a scholarship that is applicable to me from the information I inputted about my location, age, school, and degree plan. Why not take advantage of the free money that's being given away?

Google Shopping - Good way to shop for just about everything. You can organize your search by Relevance, Cost, Seller Rating, and Product Rating. Because it's Google. It catches auctions, popular websites, and smaller e-stores to help you find the lowest price.

CouponMom.com - A good place to find coupons, free samples, and latest sales. You can specify your location to get coupons for your area.

Prescription Eyeglasses Websites:

ZenniOptical.com - A constant updating supply of new designs and relatively cheap frames.

EyeBuyDirect.com - The #1 eyeglass shop online. Reviews are better than the rest.

Goggles4u.com - New for me, but reviews are good. Website has easy navigation. And glasses don't look too shabby.

39DollarGlasses.com - This website has been around for sometime and many people say they have good experience with it. Many fashionable styles to choose from.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Food for less. Save money on the food you purchase.

I'm starting this blog because I know, next to the cost of rent, food is the 2nd most costly item for a lot of students. Let me show you how to save your money on food.

How I save money on groceries:

1.) Limit yourself from going out to eat. Some fast food chains are inexpensive, but not as healthy as cooking at home. (To save more money at fast food chains, use coupons that come in the mail. Typically, you can save 25% to 60% with these coupons.)

2.) Register at your local grocery stores. Now a lot of grocery stores offer cards (Not credit cards, but savings cards. Free to everybody.) just by signing up. Filling out the form is good also because the stores will send store sales and coupons to your mailbox. On average, I save a few dollars with my cards. But I have saved more than 50% on my food purchases when I combined my card with store sales and coupons. I also get special coupons in my email box occasionally that I can't get through any other means because I signed up for the card.

3.) Look up your local grocery stores online and through the yellow pages. Write them down, or print them if you like. Keep in mind your daily commute to school or work from home. If there's grocery stores that are on your route, that will cut down time and money for gas to go out of the way to buy groceries.

4.) Go to your grocery store's website. Bookmark all of your grocery store websites that you can. If they have deal notification offers, sign-up. When time is near to grocery shop go online and look at the store sales ads.

5.) Sometimes, stores have great sales that only come around every couple of months or longer. I have recently came along a sale for chicken breast that was on sale for $0.99 / lb. In my area, chicken breast goes for $4 / lb. So when I seen the deal I took full advantage and purchased the max allowable on the sale ad (Which was 3 pckgs). This will maximize your savings for now and long term thinking that the food will last for a long time.
Here's some grocery stores I have good experience with:

- I have been getting free bread weekly from this store because there's an survey option on the receipts, which when you do it, gives you a code to enter on the coupon to redeem for free bread. I also buy bananas here for 3lbs/$1, 1 Qt of yogurt for $2.50, and PB for $1.

    Food Lion
- I get $.99 american cheese here that's just as good or better than Craft. Good prices on frozen vegetables, fresh vegetables & fruit, and, occasionally, PB for $1.

- Good weekly specials, have to look for sales in ads, but this is where I saved 2x's $$$ for my meat. Chicken and Turkey meat.

6.) Another very important rule, that I go by, is I only buy essential food. I don't buy food that does not have some sort of nutritional value. I don't buy cereal anymore, because most cereal doesn't provide anything but filler. I choose to eat eggs, that I purchase for $0.10 each. I buy vegetables, juice on occasion, bread, etc. I drink tap water, but have a water purifier. And I like to drink a lot of hot tea.

7.) Another very important rule, save money by purchasing generic brands. I buy the same amount of PB for half the price of a name brand of the same amount of PB. Same goes with bread, cheese, juice, tuna, and just about everything has a generic brand you can buy and save more money.

8.) Next time you go to the grocery store and see a tv dinner, think about it and your healthier and less expensive alternatives. For instance, those Michelina Chicken fried rice dinners go for ~ $1, right? But if you buy a $20 lb bag of white rice, $2 bottle of soy sauce, $2 bag of mixed vegetables, $2 worth of chicken. You can fry your own rice, mixed the chicken (cooked), with vegetables and soy sauce. And have a much better dinner than the Michelina dinner. You can control the amount of soy also. That $26 worth of rice, chicken, vegetables, and soy sauce will last a lot longer and cost less for you in the long term. A 20lb bag of rice for me, if I ate rice everyday, I would last me 2~3 months.

Some Easy, Cheap, and Quick Recipes:

    • Ramen, Tuna, & Vegetables
    - Boil water, open can of tuna and drain water, if vegetables are frozen- thaw in microwave. I use tupperware to boil my ramen, but you can use a bowl or pot. Use flavor packet when boiling noodles. You can control the amount you would like to use (The packets have a lot of sodium). Once noodles are soft, drain or don't drain water with the flavor packet. Mix vegetables & tuna & noodles. You can flavor it some more. I like to use "Sri Racha" chile paste, but you can use anything. I heard people using ketchup, hot sauce, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, almost anything you like. Voila. This is one of my favorite easy meals.

    • PB&J or PB & banana
    - Bread, PB & J or PB & banana. Eat for lunch a lot. A $1.oo tub of PB lasts me 7-10 sandwiches.
    • Chicken stir-fry ramen
    - Boil ramen noodles up until just become soft. Mix stir fry mix vegetables, ramen, cooked chicken, and soy sauce in hot oiled skillet or wok(if you have one). Cook just for a couple of minutes. Voila! A very good lomein, but ramen meal. *I found when using frozen mixed vegetables for this recipe, throw frozen vegetables in hot skillet, with everything else and after a couple of minutes vegetables will be hot but still crunchy and good.
    • Spaghetti and Turkey meat sauce
    - Brown ground turkey meat, drain oil and fat. Simmer can of spaghetti sauce. Mix in ground turkey meat with sauce(I use 1lb meat to 260z can). Add seasoning if you like, like basil and oregano. Boil spaghetti. Drain spaghetti. Don't rinse spaghetti!!! This washes off important starches that help sauce stick to noodles. And mix sauce with noodles. Delicious!
    • Pollo con Arroz y frijoles negro (Chicken with black beans and rice)
    - My favorite cuban dish. Buy dry black beans. Soak them overnight in water. Boil them the next day. When soft, mix with cooked rice, diced tomatoes, chopped onions, chopped green peppers, cumin spice, and chicken bouillon cube. Serve hot. With cooked chicken, seasoned how ever you like. Some people like to marinate the chicken in adobo, or just cook with onions, whatever you like that will complement the black beans and rice.

If you have any recipes, please share them. I have many other ideas that I'll add later on.

Cut your own hair and save money $$$!

Over the past year I have cut my own hair. It would have cost me $20 every two weeks. Which equates to $40 a month. That's $480 a year. Of course ...I know many people spend much more than that a month on their hair. Which means it's possible to save much more than what I already have saved in a year.

What you need:

1.) Hair Clippers ($5~$50+)

2.) Scissors (for hair! <$10) 3.) Razor ($0.10) 4.) Comb & Brush (<$20) 5.) Hand mirror (<$10) *Optional Items:

5.) Swiffer wipes (Dry kind! $2~$5)

6.) Towel ($2~$10)

Ok. Got at least the items 1~5? I found my 10pc Wahl clipper set at Marshalls for $20. The clipper set came with the scissors, a comb, special cleaning brush, a hand mirror, and oil to mainatin the clippers. This was a good deal compared to getting the items separately. I recommend paying a little more for a clipper set, unless you already have the other items. You can find deals at Wal-Mart, Marshalls, Bealls, Target, GoodWill, The Salvation Army ...etc. And if you have no luck finding a good price you can check deal sites like DoD Tracker, FatWallet.com, Woot, and PriceGrabber. These websites are good to remember. I'll post a composited list of more of websites like this later on.

How to Cut Your Own Hair:

Next, think of how you get your haircut when you go to the barber, or salon, and how they do it.
  • They wrap a cover, or *towel, around you to for your hair. Use a towel for the same.
  • Because I had my haircut short then, it wasn't diffircult. I found, however, that it took some trial and error. There were some times I had to cut my hair shorter than I wanted because I wasn't familiar with the sizes of the attachments. The size 3, in this case, isn't the same as what my barber used on me. Always start with, at least, 1 size larger than what your barber used. I like my hair blended, or faded, it took some adapting for me to figure out a technique but I have found sticking with one attachment that's not too short or long for you works best. Because switching attachments ends up with obvious thicknesses in your hair. Makes it look like you have steps on your head. You may not want that.
  • What I now do is start with my size 3 attachment. Cut from the bottom-up. And go-over-and-over-again 6 or more times to make sure I don't miss any straggling hairs. To blend my hair, I pick a lower point from the start. And move out away from the scalp as I move up. I do this all the way around. I also use my other hand to mark a point where I don't want to go passed.
  • Use a mirror in you bathroom with your hand mirror to check your sides and back of your head.
  • Use a razor to clean up smaller hairs on your neck.
  • Use the scissors to trim and cut larger portions of hair. I also use scissors to taper my hair around my ears and side burns.
  • To taper, I comb my hair forward. And cut the hair that overlays the natural border of my hair. Except for the top where I trim. Then I comb it back, and do it again. Then I comb it down, and do it again.
    I also use the clippers in the back to taper. I take off the attachment, adjust the blades as long as possible, and cut up- making sure I just cut hair that overlaps that natural hair border.
  • Clean up hair with *swiffer wipes. I think these work so much better than a towel. A vacuum would also be a good way to clean up the cut hair.
  • Women can have success doing the same. Just try and do the steps that your hair person would do.
I wish everyone that chooses to try this, success and saving a little more cash. :)

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