Saturday, March 28, 2009

Purchased 3 pairs of Eyeglasses from today (28 Mar 2009) .....

Hello everyone,
So I have finally decided to purchase some new glasses after last week I slept on my good pair and broke them. I purchased 3 pairs for a total of $46.80.

From what others say in the forums, ZenniOptical doesn't have really any customer service(they are a$!holes in the customer service dept.) However, I never came across any forum that after the customers received their eyeglasses, they had any problems or complaints. And all usually agree the quality of their eyeglasses are above even the more expensive brands that will cost 3 times as much(very easily).

I'll see what happens when I get the pairs I have ordered. To see the frames I have picked out, look up these SKUs: 33962, 2279 (Had these tinted for total cost of $17.90, will be nice to have some sun glasses that I actually can drive in), and 31572.


3 May 2009 - Concluding thoughts of ZenniOptical ...
I received my 3 pairs of glasses close to 3 weeks after I ordered them. I received a DHL padded envelope with an address originating from Shanghai China .....before my order was actually processed and eyeglasses made, I received a few emails from ZenniOptical letting me know that I made an error in entering my prescription and that because my OD wasn't right for one pair of eyeglasses recommended I should try another frame ...which I ended up using. Because the other frame I chose cost less than my previous order they reimbursed me the difference I was owed in a matter of days. From what I can tell of the frames and lenses I have received, they are of good quality and, especially, look good. My sunglasses came out looking like they cost much more than $15, and my everyday glasses are those special bendable frames that I have "literally" wrapped around my finger. I'll post photos of each of my frames soon... Overall, I recommend everybody that wants good and cheap prescription eyeglasses (that look just as good as those $200.00 bought from eyeglass retailers) to go and try

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