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Cut your own hair and save money $$$!

Over the past year I have cut my own hair. It would have cost me $20 every two weeks. Which equates to $40 a month. That's $480 a year. Of course ...I know many people spend much more than that a month on their hair. Which means it's possible to save much more than what I already have saved in a year.

What you need:

1.) Hair Clippers ($5~$50+)

2.) Scissors (for hair! <$10) 3.) Razor ($0.10) 4.) Comb & Brush (<$20) 5.) Hand mirror (<$10) *Optional Items:

5.) Swiffer wipes (Dry kind! $2~$5)

6.) Towel ($2~$10)

Ok. Got at least the items 1~5? I found my 10pc Wahl clipper set at Marshalls for $20. The clipper set came with the scissors, a comb, special cleaning brush, a hand mirror, and oil to mainatin the clippers. This was a good deal compared to getting the items separately. I recommend paying a little more for a clipper set, unless you already have the other items. You can find deals at Wal-Mart, Marshalls, Bealls, Target, GoodWill, The Salvation Army ...etc. And if you have no luck finding a good price you can check deal sites like DoD Tracker,, Woot, and PriceGrabber. These websites are good to remember. I'll post a composited list of more of websites like this later on.

How to Cut Your Own Hair:

Next, think of how you get your haircut when you go to the barber, or salon, and how they do it.
  • They wrap a cover, or *towel, around you to for your hair. Use a towel for the same.
  • Because I had my haircut short then, it wasn't diffircult. I found, however, that it took some trial and error. There were some times I had to cut my hair shorter than I wanted because I wasn't familiar with the sizes of the attachments. The size 3, in this case, isn't the same as what my barber used on me. Always start with, at least, 1 size larger than what your barber used. I like my hair blended, or faded, it took some adapting for me to figure out a technique but I have found sticking with one attachment that's not too short or long for you works best. Because switching attachments ends up with obvious thicknesses in your hair. Makes it look like you have steps on your head. You may not want that.
  • What I now do is start with my size 3 attachment. Cut from the bottom-up. And go-over-and-over-again 6 or more times to make sure I don't miss any straggling hairs. To blend my hair, I pick a lower point from the start. And move out away from the scalp as I move up. I do this all the way around. I also use my other hand to mark a point where I don't want to go passed.
  • Use a mirror in you bathroom with your hand mirror to check your sides and back of your head.
  • Use a razor to clean up smaller hairs on your neck.
  • Use the scissors to trim and cut larger portions of hair. I also use scissors to taper my hair around my ears and side burns.
  • To taper, I comb my hair forward. And cut the hair that overlays the natural border of my hair. Except for the top where I trim. Then I comb it back, and do it again. Then I comb it down, and do it again.
    I also use the clippers in the back to taper. I take off the attachment, adjust the blades as long as possible, and cut up- making sure I just cut hair that overlaps that natural hair border.
  • Clean up hair with *swiffer wipes. I think these work so much better than a towel. A vacuum would also be a good way to clean up the cut hair.
  • Women can have success doing the same. Just try and do the steps that your hair person would do.
I wish everyone that chooses to try this, success and saving a little more cash. :)

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