Saturday, January 24, 2009

Deal Resources Online

Here's a list of websites I have came across that helps with saving a lot of money and time: -
If you register you can opt-in to receive e-mails for recent deals. Found a lot of good deals this way and don't have to check up on the website all the time. -
Go to "Forums" and then "Hot Deals" for the latest deals. Update everyday, usually every couple of hours there's a new deal. If you register you can put in keywords and be notified by email whenever there's something relating to the keyword.

Amazon Deal Finder - A list of direct links from 10% off to 90% off of items on sale at Categorized. - A good website to find deals. Not only for video games but also for sweepstakes, free things, and free money. I cashed in because of this website when Coca-Cola had their big instant sweepstakes during the Olympics. Made $400 worth of GC's. - A good website for students (College to Pre-K)and parents or friends of students. Basically, if you register your cards (store,CC,Debit) you'll earn credits which can be used to save for college or help pay for everyday things for the student. Go to Upromise and see what it is about. 100% legitimate. - I am relatively new to this website. But I believe it's the best for the latest information of scholarships. I get notified whenever there's a scholarship that is applicable to me from the information I inputted about my location, age, school, and degree plan. Why not take advantage of the free money that's being given away?

Google Shopping - Good way to shop for just about everything. You can organize your search by Relevance, Cost, Seller Rating, and Product Rating. Because it's Google. It catches auctions, popular websites, and smaller e-stores to help you find the lowest price. - A good place to find coupons, free samples, and latest sales. You can specify your location to get coupons for your area.

Prescription Eyeglasses Websites: - A constant updating supply of new designs and relatively cheap frames. - The #1 eyeglass shop online. Reviews are better than the rest. - New for me, but reviews are good. Website has easy navigation. And glasses don't look too shabby. - This website has been around for sometime and many people say they have good experience with it. Many fashionable styles to choose from.

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